I was having some sporadic lower back and upper back pain, and Dr. Mason not only did he adjust my spine with immediate results, but he also used electrical stimulation on my back muscles, which is something I’ve never had done before, and I gotta say, it is such an effective and relaxing method of making the tightness in my back dissipate. He was knowledgeable, confident in his procedures, and very communicative about what was happening with my back, and the solutions he offered to fix it. I felt very comfortable with him, and I’m excited to continue the electrical stimulation treatments to alleviate my back pains.

Oscar D.

I was having neck pains and was unable to fall asleep at night. I went to see Dr. Mason and told him my symptoms. He immediately identified the issue and adjusted me. It was short and painless. It eliminated the pain completely and i was able to sleep. I would recommend him to anyone.

Emily K.

Don has been integral in helping relieve my chronic IT Band Syndrome. I started to feel better right after my first treatment. As a Pilates Instructor and Movement educator, I can attest to his knowledge and expertise when working with the body, especially soft tissue. I have started referring clients to him and feel confident that he can be a great compliment to their treatment plan.

Melissa M.

Don did an amazing job with working on my back. He was very professional and knew exactly what he was doing. The best part is he helped me understand what my issues were and how to fix them.

Matthew H.
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